Yummy Torani Syrups

Torani Syrups

          Before this I had never tried any type of drink syrups on my own at home. I was so happy to get these and tried them both the same day. I used the pumpkin pie in my coffee in the morning and the hazelnut in my hot chocolate that night. 

When I used it in my coffee I learned that you do not need to put a lot in to get the flavor of it. It had a strong smooth flavor. It did not overwhelm my coffee like some coffee creamers do. I must say I really like it more than using creamers.

I like to pour it in before my coffee for some reason but I am sure it does not make a difference taste wise when you put it in. The syrups I got are both sugar free but the syrups are available in regular as well. There are recipes on their website to inspire you.

 If you would like to get 10% off of Torani Syrups go here Torani and use code SHESPEAKS. Hurry because this offer ends on 11/30/12. I also have five $1 off coupons if anyone is interested in them. 

**Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was give products free to try from Shespeaks.com. This does not influence my opinion of the product. The opinions are mine only and may differ from yours.**


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