Thankful Thursday

   In the spirit of Thanksgiving I decided I will be doing a post every Thursday about something I am thankful for. I will do this up until Thanksgiving. Please feel free to comment with what you are thankful for as well.

                   This Thursday I am Thankful for Elton. As most of you know I am in school right now to be a lab tech. We have hit a rough patch with my education. Our babysitter has found a real job so we are now stuck with no sitter.

 I only have four more classes until the semester is over. Elton has talked to his boss and he will be able to take those four Fridays off just so I can continue going to class.

I love him so much and am so happy he is so supportive of me going to school. Elton is a wonderful man and the best father ever. I thank God for him everyday.

                    What are you thankful for this week??


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