Target deal!

I have not had much time to get much couponing done but I am glad I had the time to get this deal! I ended up paying $2.27 for $15 worth of stuff! I got two placemats, 4 small archer farms coffees, and 4 International Delight creamers. I bet you are wondering how I did it aren't you?? I used Target and manufacturers coupons stacked. The coupons made the creamers $0.68/2, the coffee $0.50 a bag, and the mat were $0.19. 
Here are the coupons to go get your own:

Get you $1 off 1 I.D creamer here I.D. Facebook page
Get your $1.50 off 2 I.D. creamer here Target coupons
Archer farms coupon here Target Coupons
Place mat coupon here  Target Coupons

You will need to print two of the first ID coupon to get the deal. Print 4 to do the same as I did.


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