10 month update on Christine!

Christine is getting to be such a big girl! She does not talk or walk yet but she sure can get around and communicate. She will let you know what she wants somehow. She still only has two teeth on the bottom. We do think she is teething though. She has been cranky and having signs of teething. We need to start planning her first birthday but have no idea what theme we want. Any idea please share.

Christine has a pretty set schedule. She does still sleep with us and goes to bed when we do. She naps about twice a day for an hour or two. She is such a happy baby.  We go to get the second part of her flu shot on Monday. Christine does well with shots and only cries a little bit. Not too much new this month. Here are some pics to enjoy. I will put more up after her first Thanksgiving :) Sorry these are blurry she would not sit still.


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