Baby girl got her ears pierced

                                  Christine got spoiled yesterday by her daddy. He got her Ears pierced and she even got a new convertible car seat. She has out grown her infant seat and really needed a new one.
 We had some much needed family time and got to walk around the mall. We had a great time, I really miss getting out and having fun like that.

                   Here is my babies new earrings:

She only cried a little bit because when they did it they did both ears at once. They gave her a certificate of bravery which I will put in her baby book.

I thought that was a great idea and very cute. 
I have to share a picture of her new car seat because I love how pink it is. We will be extended rear facing her. Everything I have read says it is safer and we want what is best for her.

This seat will be much easier than the old infant one. The only thing that sucks is that we will now have to lug around the stroller when we leave. We used to have one that the infant seat would just connect to but obviously that won't work with this one. The convenience of this seat will be worth it all.


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