This is UNREAL


   UNREAL candy that is! This candy has less sugar and none of the added bad stuff like regular candy does.  I decided to try the UNREAL candy coated chocolate and the UNREAL caramel nougat bar.  I was happy to see that the candy is price only about twenty cents more than other candy. That is always a plus. I would pay the extra twenty cents for it.
I loved both of them but my favorite of the two was the caramel nougat bar.

Here is a picture of the inside of the caramel nougat bar just to make you drool:

I enjoyed these candies and am happy to have found these great candies. 
For more information or to find these at a store near you please visit Get UNREAL

***I was given the opportunity to try UNREAL candy for free by BzzAgent in exchange for me getting the word out about it. I was given a coupon to try it for free and some B1G1 coupons. Anyone interested in a B1G1 coupon please comment and I will send some your way.***



  1. What a great idea and yes I am drooling. =)

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