End of 2012 Summer Olympics

             I really enjoyed watching what I got to see of the 2012 Summer Olympics. We do not have cable so we did not get to see everything but I did get to see my favorite sports. I love gymnastics and any sport in the pool from swimming to water polo. There were some very exciting and heartbreaking moments. 
One of my favorite moments was seeing Missy Franklin win gold medals. She is from Colorado like me and actually goes to a school about ten minutes from my house. I think it is awesome that her parents are not forcing her to take endorsements and are letting her chose college or to go pro.
(Mark J. Terrill/AP Photo)

The United States ended with 104 medals! They were number one in overall medal count followed by China.

One of my other favorite moments was Michael Phelps making history. It is so awesome that he is now the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time with 22 medals. Of those medals 18 are gold. That is just awesome and had to be very hard to do. Way to go Micheal and Missy!


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