Clairol Nice'n easy non-permanent Hair Color Review

                       I was given the chance to try the new Non-permanent Clairol hair color by Vocalpoint in exchange for my review and opinions. I have never colored my hair myself so this was fun and interesting for me. Here is the best before picture I had:


The non-permanent hair color did not have  a strong smell to it and was very easy to apply. I decided to go with an auburn color. It only took 15 minutes of wait time between applying and rinsing out. I love how the new color looks on me and plan to get permanent color done as soon as this washes out. The box says it should last for 28 washes. Here is the after picture:

I really love the change and love how easy it was to do by myself. I definitely recommend this for someone wanting a temporary change in hair color. I also like how I missed some spots and left some brown in my hair. It turned out good like that. 



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