Bellybar Prenatal + DHA Chocolate Vitamins review

                      I was given the opportunity to try Bellybar prenatal + DHA chocolate vitamins by Swaggable in exchange for my review and feedback.

           I am not pregnant but do nurse my daughter so I have to take a prenatal daily to make sure she and I get our vitamins. This vitamin is very yummy! I love chocolate and was excited when i was offered this opportunity. I had heard of the Bellybar nutrution bars but not their vitamins. 
          Most flavored vitamins leave a terrible after taste but not these. These vitamins really taste like chocolate. They are so much easier to take than those big horse pills you buy or your doctor prescribes. All you have to do is chew one table from each bottle a day. There are two bottles, one is the prenatal vitamin and the other is the DHA. They both taste great and are chewable little chocolate balls.

This is the box they come in. The box contains both bottles. 
Each bottle contains 30 chocolate balls. If anyone wants more information on the nutrition please ask and I can post it.

These can be bought online or in stores like Walgreens. The price ranges from about $19 up to around $26. I definitely recommend these for pregnant or nursing moms! 


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