Awesome Pop Chips Freebie!

 I am a member of a website called Klout. It measures your influence and gives you perks.
Perks are free exclusive items you get based on the areas that you are influential in. I recently got a perk from Popchips and just have to share it.
If you are not a member already I highly recommend you join in on the fun. Follow the link below and sign up.

Klout Sign up

In this per I received a filter water bottle, a backpack, an x-mini speaker, a pair of sunglasses, and four bags of Popchips!

Go sign up now for great stuff and lots of fun!

It has come to my attention that I may have won a Twitter contest to get this and that it may not be from Klout. I will keep this post updated to let everyone know exactly where I got it. I just assumed Klout because I signed up for the perk and didn't know about the Twitter contest.


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