all mighty pacs review

   I was given the chance to review All mighty pacs by Smiley360. 
 First off I have to say that I love the pacs compared to liquid of powder detergent. They are way easier and much faster to use.
I tried them out on big and small loads of laundry. In my house I have to laundry every other day. Elton only has two work shirts so it makes more laundry for me to do. Plus I have the babies laundry which can pile up very quickly. I need something easy and fast to use when washing clothes. These proved to work out just fine for my family. I was able to just throw one in with my small loads and if I had a big load I would use two packs. I love that I can just throw them in an not measure anything.
They are small and could look like candy to a child so I made sure to put them up high where Christine could not get a hold of them. 
I didn't have any clothes with terrible stains on them but the packs did work well on the clothes I did wash. It left them smelling nice and looking clean. What more could I ask of my laundry detergent.
The All mighty pacs can be purchased at Walmart in packs of 24 or 72.
24 pack online price right now is $3.97
72 pack online price right now is $11.97

**I was given the all mighty pacs free from Smile360 for my review.


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