The Many Uses of Ivory (review on Ivory)

   I received a complimentary bar of Ivory soap in my Influenster mom voxbox to test out and review. I had never used Ivory nor did I know it had so many uses. I love this soap and have actually changed my families soap to Ivory. My husband loves it as well.
Each bar is about 3 ounces and will last a long time. I used my soap just normally in the shower. I also used it as a face wash and it worked very well. I have very sensitive skin and was afraid to try it. Turns out it worked just fine. I love how Ivory makes me feel squaky clean after my showers. My husband loves it as well. He was glad I got to try it out because he had used it in the past and had gotten away from it somehow. He was reminded how much he loves it. My family is now a proud Ivory family!

Here is a link to an article on the uses of Ivory soap:
 Some very interesting things you never would have thought of doing with soap.
My favorite part about Ivory is that it is 99.44% pure and it floats!! I have never seen a floating soap before. I recommend using Ivory in your everyday routine and you just might fall in love too. Here is my new stock of Ivory: Ignore the missing bar, hubby broke into it this morning :)



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