Arm and Hammer Detergent Review.

    I was given the chance to test out Arm and Hammer pluc Oxi Clean laundry detergent. Smiley360 provided me the detergent in exchange for my opinions. Anything in this is just my opinion and how I feel. 
      The detergent is in pod form and is powder in a little packet. I thought that was interesting because most of the other types of pod detergents are liquid. I decided to try it out the first day I got it and have been using it for a week. 
    That is what the packet looks like. It only takes one for a load of laundry. I decided to wash Christine's clothes first and see how well it would take a baby stain out. Here is a pic of the stain before and after. Before:

   As you can see the detergent did not get it out all the way but it is way better than when it was dirty. This particular stain had been sitting for a day with no pre-treatment. This in mind I would have to say that it worked very well! 
   The detergent smells nice, kind of flowery to me. I would have to recommend this detergent to anyone wanting to try a new one. This is my take on it. I hope you try it soon.


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