Review on Dr. Scholl's for her High heel inserts

   First I have to say I have never used insoles before so this was a completely new experience for me. I like to wear my high heel but they always make my feet hurt so bad that I will take them off before the day is over. I put my Dr. Scholl's for her insoles in my favorite pair of heels and work them for two days. At first I thought they felt kind of weird where my arch is at. I think it was just because I was not used to them being there. I got used to it and was able to wear my heels the whole day! I feel like they helped my feet to be in the right position while wearing them. I really love the insoles and will continue to use them. I will recommend them to everyone I know who wears heels.
I still have the 8 $4 off coupons! I am going to try to get rid of some this weekend but otherwise please contact me if interested.

Disclaimer: I was given these products from BzzAgent in exchange for my honest opinons and review. These are 100% my opinion.


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